Lady Salvia
Salvia Divinorum


Salvia Divinorum is different from weed or magic mushrooms and we strongly recommend you comply with the guidelines below.

- Never use Salvia alone, make sure always 1 sober person you trust is present.
- Make sure no sharp objects are present, for example tools or kitchen utensils.
- Use Salvia in a familiar place where you feel at ease and you are not disturbed.
- After intake, go and lie down on a bed or sofa and close your eyes.
- Use a light dose the first time, Salvia leafs or the 5x extract.
- Only use Salvia when you are a stable person.
- Do not use Salvia when younger than 18 years old.
- Do not mix Salvia with any other drugs.
- Think well about trying Salvia and have yourself informed well.


Lady salvia

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