Lady Salvia
Salvia Divinorum

S-A-L-V-I-A scale

Sometimes the Salvia trip is also subdivided using the S-A-L-V-I-A scale. The scale describes the 6 levels one can reach with Salvia:

S - Subtle effect – You get the feeling that something is about to happen but also relaxation and increased sensorics.

A – Think differently – Colours and patterns attract attention, thoughts become illogical, more attention for colours and shapes, no hallucinations yet.

L – Superficial hallucinations – Visions with eyes closed, images and patterns, feeling of a second dimension, visions are clearly recognized as being visions and not confused with reality.

V - Visions – Complex three-dimensional realistic visions, possibly with voices, with eyes closed one looses track of reality. Travelling in time, transformations, seeing ghosts, everything is possible now.

I – Loss of identity – No sense whatsoever anymore about reality, inner experience, contact with gods or the feeling of being a god, contact with objects, thinking of being an object.

A - Amnesia – Loss of consciousness, person can topple over, person can also start walking while asleep or move heavily, mostly the person involved does not remember anything about this. As you loose consciousness, this is not the level you want to reach.


Lady salvia

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